Privatization deals are like icebergs—there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye. Proposals for water and sewer deals often seem to surface suddenly, but often been are the subject of quiet discussion for months or even years. Once the intention to privatize becomes public, a community may have a very short period of time to learn about what the deal means, even though they will be affected by the consequences for decades. Here’s how can you help ensure transparent and thoughtful discussion of water and sewer deals: 

  1. Recognize that even though hidden from view and taken for granted, water and sewer services are the most basic of necessities. NOTHING is more essential.  
  1. Be an engaged citizen. Attend town council and authority board meetings.  
  1. Find out who provides your water and sewer service. In some towns, a corporation may already provide your drinking water service while a government utility provides sewer service. The reverse may be true, although in NJ this is less likely.  
  1. Understand where your water supply comes from.  
  1. Do web searches about privatization. There’s a wealth of information! 
  1. Read your Consumer Confidence Report and other information provided by your utility service provider(s).  
  1. Tell community leaders and elected officials that you value government ownership and operation of systems.  
  1. Talk to friends and neighbors about the value of local control and local jobs.  
  1. Share information about water and sewer privatization on social media.  
  1. Get involved if you hear of an effort to privatize.  

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